Mascarpone parfait

Hey, why not try this dessert inspired by summers in Italy, mixed with the summer taste of fresh berries. We use strawberries and blueberries in this case, but pick the ones you prefer and have access to.

Bon appetit!


Ingredients for Mascarpone parfait

  • 437 ml heavy whipping cream
  • 227 grams mascarpone cheese (softened)
  • 86 grams powered sugar
  • 118 ml honey
  • 15 ml vanilla extract
  • 237 ml blueberries
  • 237 ml strawberries
  • 2 mint leaves (fresh)


  1. Mix heaving whipping cream in standing mixer until firm peaks form,
  2. Sdd powered sugar, honey, vanilla and mascarpone cheese.
  3. Mix until firm.
  4. Mix blueberries and strawberries in dessert bowl/glass, layer with mascarpone mixture and repeat.
  5. Finish with dollop of mascarpone mixture mint leaves.
  6. For added punch, dust with mixture of dried lemon peel and sugar

/Amy Meinhardt

Photo: Amy Meinhardt
Amrikanska Blåbär. blueberries
Vinterförvara medelhavsväxter

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