Terms and conditions of Gardenize

Hi, We are happy that you want to use the Gardenize application – WELCOME!

Here are our terms and conditions for the use of our services.


1.1 The purpose of Gardenize is to help you with your garden.

1.2 Everything developed by Gardenize Garden App AB, 559022-3672, belongs to Gardenize Garden App AB and may not be used without permission by Gardenize Garden App AB.
1.3a All data stored in Gardenize may be used by Gardenize Garden App ABin order to improve the service for users.

1.3b If you have accepted to receive the Gardenize Gardening Letters, you accept to get tips, advice, How-to, reminders, inspiration, etc. via e-mail about various gardening, cultivation and Gardenize related topics. These messages may include offers from our partners. You can choose to decline any further e-mails at any time by clicking “unsubscribe” in the newsletters or by contacting Gardenize Garden App AB.

1.4 Gardenize Garden App AB reserves the right to remove information that is not in line with the purpose of the service (gardening) from the application. In general, you are informed about this and are given the opportunity to self-correct and are informed of the possibility of contacting Gardenize Garden App AB before the information is removed. If there is reasonable suspicion that the application is used for lawful activities, Gardenize Garden App AB reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities directly without notice. Gardenize Garden App AB reserves the right to block and remove users who repeatedly or grossly misuse the purpose (gardening) of the application. If you are likely to be blocked from using the service, you will be informed about this and will be given the opportunity to contact Gardenize Garden App AB.

1.5 The Terms and Conditions for the Gardenize application shall be governed by Swedish law and any conflicts shall be resolved in the Göteborgs Tingsrätt, Sweden. If you are a consumer residing within the European Union / EEA, the applicable law and jurisdiction shall be determined in accordance with forced consumer legislation, that is, usually your national law and the court in which you reside. For consumers residing outside the EU / EEA area, Swedish law applies, and competent court is the Göteborgs Tingsrätt.



2.1 These Terms and Conditions are part of the agreement between Gardenize and you as a Gardenize Service user.

2.2 The terms are valid from the day you start using Gardenize Services with our consent and then apply for a further period.

2.3 Either part is entitled to terminate the agreement with a notice of one month’s notice period.

2.4. Either part is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the other party violates these terms and conditions or if there are grounds for believing that the other party is in default or the other party commits a criminal offense in connection with the performance of the agreement.

2.5 If the agreement expires, you undertake to immediately discontinue any use of Gardenize Services.

2.6 If you have a paid subscription of Gardenize, paid via App Store or Google Play, cancellation of the subscription is done via their respective services and according to their policies. For more information: Link to App store.   Link to Google Play.

If you have signed up for a subscription via Gardenize.com, you can cancel your subscription by logging in to the web service and cancel it there.

When you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to the features in that tier until your subscription term runs out.

If you have a paid subscription and downgrade to a lower tier or change to the Free tier you will lose access to the features when the subscription period runs out, but the data and photos you have stored will still be available via the mobile app.

2.7 In case you want to ask for a refund, and you have subscribed to Gardenize via Gardenize.com, you will be refunded if a refund claim is made within 14 days after the purchase (incl 7 days free trial period). You need to provide a receipt for the claim. To ask for refund please send an e-mail to: customerservice@gardenize.com

If you bought your subscription via App Store or Google Play Store, and want a refund, it will be handled via their respective policies.



3.1 By signing up with Gardenize, you agree that we treat your personal data for purposes that are attributable to Gardenize Services. The information we store is:
• user name,
• e-mail address,
• language setting
• hardware
• operating system

Information you choose to add such as:
• profile image,
• country,
• location of your garden,
• website,
• hardiness zone,
• telephone number,
• address
• pictures of your garden and your plants
• notes that you choose to store in the service, as well as
• what inspiration posts you have saved and what other users you follow and who follows you.

You will also be assigned a unique identification number. Each user is assigned a unique identification number to which personal data is linked so that each user can access their account on different devices.

The main purpose of the treatment is to provide you with our garden service. The legal basis for this treatment is “agreement”. Your personal information is therefore saved for this purpose as long as you have a contractual relationship with us.

Some of your personal data, such as hardware and operating systems, we store in order to improve the quality of our services. The legal basis for the treatment is legitimate interest. Your personal information is saved for this purpose as long as you use our service or until they become out of date (for example, if you change your computer or mobile phone, no information about the previous hardware or operating system will be saved).
There is more information about how we treat your personal information and what rights you have in our privacy policy.

3.3 We will not disclose your personal information to other companies.



4.1 Gardenize Garden App AB’s services, including all content, all applications (including updates or changes), features, are provided in their current state and its use is at the user’s own risk. Exceptions are made for damage caused by gross negligence by Gardenize Garden App AB.

4.2. Gardenize disclaims the obligation to provide services to you if this is not or becomes unreasonably expensive due to war or riots, terrorist acts, labour market conflict, fire, explosion, natural disaster, serious interference in telecommunications or internet communications, law or decision by public authority or other similar circumstance that we do not possess and could not reasonably have predicted.


Good luck and have fun when using Gardenize!


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Last revision: February 1st, 2024