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What needs to be done in the garden this month? Every season in the garden has its charm, and you can always find a way to develop your gardening. Take a look at the Gardenize garden calendar and get tips and advice for your garden.

Gardening activities for January

Welcome to a new garden year! When the chaos of the Holiday Season has subsided, it’s time to start thinking about and planning for the next garden season. Take advantage of the cozy evenings by planning what is to be planted and where to plant it.


February is not usually a month you associate with gardening in the UK. It’s often the coldest month, and the month when we have snow and ice. Here is a list of the kinds of things you can do in the garden this month in the garden in the UK.

What to do in the Garden in March

March is the time when we want to start thinking about sowing seeds, getting the ground prepared for growing crops and flowers. Bulbs in the garden, such as daffodils and crocuses are really coming into their own now.

The Garden in April

April is a busy month in the garden. It is the time to repair you garden, preparing soil for the growing season and sow new Seeds. I this article, Gardenize guest blogger Caroline gives her Tips on Gardening in April.

May in the Garden in the UK

May is a busy time in the garden with plenty to do and lots to enjoy. Just watch out for any unexpected late frosts. I this article, Gardenize guest blogger Caroline gives her Tips on Gardening in May.

Garden checklist June

June is a wonderful time in the garden. Now it’s time to protect against pests, sow lettuce and fertilize crops and flower beds.

Garden checklist July, UK

The month of July is a time to celebrate our gardens, to enjoy lush flowering as well as tasty vegetables. Here is a checklist of things to do in the garden in July

Garden checklist August, UK

In August, there is still summer left to take advantage of. The days offer alternating sunshine and alternating rain, which makes the soil easy to work again.

Garden checklist September, UK

If you are eager to prepare the garden for the autumn, we have compiled a list here of things that are suitable to do in September.

Garden checklist October, UK

Here are some tips on what to do in the garden in October when the urge strikes.

Garden checklist November, UK

There are still things you can do in the garden now when the weather is getting colder. Here’s our Checklist for November.

To do in the garden in December

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve just around the corner, our days are getting busier and busier as we prepare for this special time of year.

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