How to grow your own Spinach

If you have some free space in your pallet collar or greenhouse, growing spinach is perfect! Spinach is a super–cold-hardy leafy green and grows best in fall and spring or even winter when most other crops haven’t started growing. And you may have noticed how much a bag of fresh small spinach leaves costs when you buy them at the grocery store. Try growing your own Spinach and see what good results you get!

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Homegrown spinach, step-by-step guide

Spinach does not only grow fast but also in low temperatures, just above zero degrees. You can sow spinach in the greenhouse already in the fall, for example when you have removed all the tomato plants, there is plenty of room there for Spinach to flourish. If the spinach doesn’t have time to germinate and become ready for harvest before winter, it doesn’t matter, the sowing will start when the light and heat return and you can then harvest lovely crisp green leaves very early in the season. This way, the greenhouse will be utilized all year round!

When spring comes, sow the spinach again, but outdoors on a vacant growing area, such as in a pallet collar or pot.

Tips when you want to grow your own spinach

    1. Spinach is very easy to grow – buy one bag of seeds or more.
    2. Prepare the cultivation area by loosening up the soil and watering it.
    3. Spread the spinach seeds directly on the ground and sprinkle some soil on top. The seeds should end up about 0,5 inches below the surface.
    4. Keep the soil moist and start harvesting as soon as the leaves start to become round and manageable by pinching off leaf by leaf.
    5. When the plants start to grow really tall, it is time to harvest everything. This is a sign that the season is getting too warm and the plants get too much light, which makes the plants lose their flavour.
    6. Sow new spinach at regular intervals so that you can harvest new ones as you go. Plant about every 3 weeks, Tips: Set a recurring reminder in the app.
    7. Don’t sow spinach in the summer, then it’s too hot and the plants don’t thrive. Fresh spinach is delicious in various salads, so feel free to try this lovely winter salad

Fresh spinach is both healthy and delicious and tastes great in all kinds of salads.

Good luck!

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