How to Pinch Dahlias – The secret for more flowers & bushier plants!

Tried pinching your Dahlia plants yet? Your Dahlias will grow just fine on their own, but pinched Dahlias have way more blooms, grow longer stems and are bushier and stronger plants, than the ones that haven’t been pinched.

Why pinching Dahlias?

Pinching your Dahlias by removing Removing the top bud will stimulate the lateral buds further down to develop into new stems. Where the sprout was removed, the plant will generate two shoots instead of only one!

How to pinch Dahlias

The instructions in the video are important, since pinching out when the stem is too short will mean a short, thick dahlia plant that will crowd the flowers when they start growing. That can cause lack of air circulation which can lead to pests and diseases. The stunning blooms will also be harder to see.

What now? Time to grab your snips and pruners and try it out!


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