How to make your own free Organic Nettle Fertilizer

Stinging nettle (“Urtica dioica”) is one of the most beneficial ‘weeds’ out there and luckily it can be found all around the globe. Here is how to make a powerful smelly and nourishing Nettle fertilizer!

Making your own free organic Nettle Fertilizer, or “fermented stinging nettle tea”, is very simple:

Stinging nettle supports plant health and stimulates growth. It is high in nitrogen, chlorophyll, and plant polyphenols. This powerful fertilizer is best used on plants that have a high demand for nourishment. You can use it on all your plants when they are seedlings and young transplants to help them develop. It works excellent on fruit trees and bushes, roses, annuals and perennial flowering plants. It works for tomatoes, leeks, brassicas, cucumbers and courgettes.

What you need for making Stinging Nettle Fertilizer:

Gloves, Scissor, bucket with lit, Water, Nettles

Stinging Nettle Tea Recipe:

  1.  Harvest the Nettles using Gloves and scissor to avoid getting stung.
  2. Place them in a basin or a bucket. Trim if needed.
  3. Mix with water
  4. Let stand / Macerate for 2-3 weeks. Your Fertilizer is ready! (NOTE: IT WILL SMELL! – And it should…)
  5. Filter/strain off leafs.
  6. Dilute and use! Dilute the fertilizer with water in a ratio of 1:10. If you want to save the fertilizer, just strain off leaves and twigs and fill a container and store until use.

Tips: Spread nettle pulp on the compost pile. Use collected rainwater for the fertilizer tea, as it naturally contain occurring organisms that will hasten the fermentation process. If you keep using the high-nitrogen nettle fertilizer on flowering plants, you’ll have a lot of greenery but very few flowers or fruit. Stop using it on flowering plants once the plants begin to set flowers, but on non-flowering plants, you can keep using your stinging nettle fertilizer.

Bonus Tip: Not only can it be turned into a powerful but smelly fertilizer, but also used as a food source and a medicinal treatment. don’t forget to gather some extra leaves for tea, nettles beer, sauté or stinging nettle pesto…


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