How to harvest Rhubarb – The Right Way!

How to Harvest Rhubarb the right way! Yes there is a wrong way… Use this special technique for harvesting your rhubarbs to prevent damaging your plant. Harvesting rhubarb this way ensures your plant stays healthy and continues producing for next year’s harvest.

Why it is important + Rhubarb leaf Bonus Hack

Most important thing: DO NOT CUT THE RHUBARB! So Gardening Friends, put away those pruning snips, pruning shears, knifes, clippers! Cutting a rhubarb leaves part of the stalk behind. This part can then rot and infect the root of the rhubarb plant. When you use this harvest method; pulling and twisting rhubarb off, it comes off straight from the root. The plant then recognises that a whole stalk is gone and start working on replacing it. As a result, you will have a higher-yielding harvest !

BONUS HACK/TIP: You want to make use of the Rhubarb leafs after trimming, by placing them on the soil under the rhubarb stalks to:

  1. Retain moisture in your soil
  2. Make the soil naturally fertilised
  3. Cover to choke out weeds
  4. Get rid of the leaf, saving yourself the trouble of bringing it into the kitchen.

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