10 tips for Smart Watering & Irrigation

During the hottest time of the year, irrigation and smart watering are a must. Here are 10 tips for smarter watering in your garden!

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List: 10 smart tips for watering

  1. Water in the morning or evening when it is colder to avoid unnecessary evaporation.
  2. Water deeply once a week instead of water superficially more often
  3. Apply water close to the surface of the soil, not from above, so that the water reaches the plants’ roots
  4. Avoid overhead sprinklers and use soaker hoses or drip irrigation – plenty of water from overhead sprinklers will evaporate in hot weather before reaching the soil.
  5. Check your sprinkler and drip irrigation systems for leaks, blockages and over-watering. Read your water meter to detect leakage, to avoid spending valuable water unnecessarily.
  6. Collect rain, dish and shower water.
  7. Mulch – to conserve soil water.
  8. Weed – weeds are usually heavy drinkers that will steal water from your plants’.
  9. Avoid over-fertilizing and avoid commercial fertilizers. Quickly growing plants will demand even more water.
  10. Grow plants close together – to prevent water from evaporating from the soil.

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