Succeed with your Poinsettia

As the busy and hectic Christmas season begins, there is nothing better than coming home to a cozy, warm, and inviting home.  Nothing compliments the warm glow of a Christmas tree twinkling lights than the seasonal favorite Poinsettia plant.  The most common Poinsettia variety is the Santa suit matching bright red-leaved plant.  What surprises most fans of this perennial Christmas favorite is how many colors it comes in.  Leave colors to include a crisp snow white, warm pink, soft apricot, and even multicolored combinations.  Easy to find and always a welcome gift, Poinsettia plants make the Christmas season bright but can be tricky to maintain.

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5 tips to succeed with your Poinsettia

There is nothing more frustrating than bringing home this lush beautiful Christmas plant only to have hanging, lifeless leaves a few days later.  Don’t be discouraged though!  By following our five simple tips, your Poinsettia plant will brighten your home for months and years to come.

How to care for Pointsettias

Poinsettia – Euphorbia pulcherrima

1. Pick the right plant in the store

When buying your plants keep in mind poinsettias are very sensitive to draft and cold so make sure to pick the ones that are sheltered and in the back.  Plants stored close to the entrance or in a drafty cold room are more likely to fail soon after taking them home.

Another important factor plants the soil the plant has when still at the store. It should be damp but not wet.  If it is very dry, they might have missed watering it in the store, and it may be beyond saving.


2. Proper transportation

Even if it is only for a second, Poinsettias don’t like to be cold. When you have picked your plants and are about to bring them home, make sure to wrap them properly.  Repurpose newspaper or packaging to ensure the trip to the car will be warm and your plant will be protected.  Remember, this plant originates in Mexico!


3. Let there be light

As with most living plants, poinsettias need light to thrive. Most commonly used as the centerpiece for Christmas decor, the arrangement is usually far from daylight and lamps.  While pretty to look at this robs plants of their bright colors and loses leaves. To compensate for this lack of daylight, you should place near a lamp with light directed to the plant, and boom – it is back in the spotlight again!


4. Watering, not too much, Not too little

By adding a small amount of water every day to the pot, your poinsettia will be fine. You can even try to use lukewarm water with a few drops of fertilizer. Remember that the plant doesn’t want to dry out, nor be drowned. It should be “lagom” as we say in Sweden.  (Lagom = not too much, not too little).


5. Avoid cold air and draft

Finally, in order to keep the plant blooming for a long period, keep plants away from cold and draft. Avoid placing plants close to the entrance door or an open window. Also, ventilation such as heaters and air-conditioning should not be close enough to blow on the leaves.

Good luck, and we wish you a colorful Christmas!

/Jenny at Gardenize

Facts: Poinsettia

  • Placement: Indoor
  • Watering: Small amounts, regularly
  • Color: White, ping, apricot, red, multicolored
  • Scientific name: Euphorbia pulcherrima
  • Hardiness: Seasonal in cold climates
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