How to grow pea shoots

Microgreens are a growing trend all over the world. And pea shoots, are one variant that are delicious to eat as well as easy to grow, cheap, and healthy. You get a quick result – harvest within two weeks – and you can grow them indoors all year round! If it is close to Christmas, why not impress your guests with homegrown pea shoots for the holiday celebrations?

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A step by step guide for growing pea shoots

1. Pick the right peas

Buy dried, peas intended for growing from the garden center, or, you can actually buy peas intended for cooking from the supermarket as long as they are Organic.


2. Prepare

Take a cup of peas and soak in water for a few hours.


3. Think of the drainage

Take a small pot or container, preferably with holes for drainage in the bottom, and fill it with potting soil.


4. Prepare the soil

Soak the soil with water and spread one layer of soaked peas on top.


5. Create a nice environment.

Cover the container with transparent plastic, with some holes in it, to let the air in and to keep it ventilated.


6. Let there be light.

Place the container on a window sill, and check it daily to make sure the soil is kept moist, but not wet.


7. Check on your peas.

After a few days, you will see the peas starting to grow, and within 2-3 weeks you can harvest your own microgreens!


8. Let’s eat pea shoots!

Harvest by cutting the shoots when they are about a few inches tall.



Facts: Pea shoots

  • Placement: Indoor
  • Watering: Small amounts, regularly
  • Color: Light green
  • Scientific name: Pisum sativum
Pea shoots - pisum sativum

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