Garden checklist November, UK

As we reach the end of autumn it is a wonderful time to sit inside and cuddle instead of being outside and freezing your fingers of. But there are some things that, after all, are good to tick off the list of things to do in the garden in November. Please enjoy!

Autumn and leaves

What to do in the garden in November

General Tasks

  • Sweeping leaves – leaves will continue to shed. Remember to save the leaves for your mould compost!
  • Greenhouse – keep it tidy, clean the roof from leaves to help the light entering, make sure heating is provided inside and that you have a good ventilation.
  • Remove rotten fruit and flowers.
  • Weed and dig – turn over the soils it doesn’t get hard and compacted.
  • Take down plant support if the plant has finished drying out.
  • Remove remains of plants that have finished cropping.
  • Be sure to check for hibernating animals if you have any plans on starting a bonfires.

Trees & Shrubs

  • Now’s time for you to plant bare-rooted and root wrapped roses and shrubs.
  • Plant container-grown plants.
  • This time of the year suits well for taking hardwood (mature) cuttings of many shrubs.


  • Make a final cut for lawns if there are no frosts in the early days of the month. At the end you should stop cutting.
  • Keep off any leaves from the lawn – Layers of leaves on the lawn make it gooey, slippery and suffocate the grass. So make sure to rake away leaves and use it instead as protection in flower beds and plantings. You can for example put the leaves around rhododendrons and roses.
november lawn


Hibernate pelargoniums, dahlias and mediterranean plants

If you have not yet packed your frost-sensitive plants, and placed them in shelter from frost and cold, it is high time to do so now.

Different plants prefer different methods of overwintering, dark and cool, or light and slightly warmer. Some plants need to be cut down and set aside with a pot and everything, others are dug up and the tubers are washed or the whole plant may need to be moved indoors and treated as a potted plant.



  • Finish planting your spring bulbs – ideal time to plant tulip bulbs.
  • If you want your amaryllis or paper-white daffodil flowers to bloom for Christmas, now is the time to plant the bulbs.
flower bulbs

In the Kitchen garden

  • Plant garlic cloves, shallots and onions.
  • If you have a heated Greenhouse – sow Dill, Chives, Basil and Parsley.
  • Plant Asparagus crowns.
  • Protect tender vegetables such as cauliflowers and celery from frost.
  • Harvest carrots, potatoes and cabbages.
  • Pick apple and pears before they fall down.


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