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Has this year’s summer been tough on your yard? Do you have patches that appear completely dried out or taken over by weeds? Here are our top tips for achieving the perfect lawn! Grass is one of the hardiest plants, so it will rebound. With a few straightforward actions, you’ll have a lush lawn in no time! Check out our lawn care suggestions.

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5 tips for the perfect lawn

When late summer arrives, there’s still an opportunity to rejuvenate, revitalize, and fortify your lawn for the upcoming season. Here’s our typical approach:

1. Mow it carefully

When the lawn starts to grow again and is about 5-6 cm long, , not too short.

2. Water for support

Unless there is an irrigation ban! Water it more preferably when it is raining, or shortly after. It sounds tricky, but it actually works and as with most irrigation, it is better to water a lot and rarely, rather than often and a little. Then the roots look deeper and the plants become hardier.

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3. Remove weed

Right after a rainfall, the lawn becomes soft and easy to work with. Additionally, weeds are more noticeable, often having deeper roots than the grass, which keeps them green and easily distinguishable.

4. Reseed

If you’ve cleared extensive weed-covered areas, you might need to reseed. Look for blends specifically designed for repairing lawns. Seek assistance at the store for suitable options.

5. Fertilize!

The grass is a plant that, like other plants, needs nourishment to develop and thrive. There are many different types of lawn fertilizers, and depending on when in the season you fertilize, you should use different preparations. The later you fertilize, the more potassium and less nitrogen the fertilizer should contain.

Document your work in Gardenize

If you fertilize the lawn, it is great to note your work Gardenize. Take a picture of the packaging for the manure you use, so you remember what kind it was. It can be nice to know if the result is particularly good, or if it turned out to be wrong for some reason.

In Gardenize you can create an event called “Fertilized”. Create a New event, choose activity type “Fertilized”, connect the plant “Grass” and the area “The lawn”. In this way, you have created a simple memory note of when and with what the lawn was fertilized.

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