Welcome Melika to Gardenize team!

Meet Melika from our Marketing team!

Melika works at Gardenize as our digital marketing communicator. She is also working at a gaming company and has a history in Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and the Mobile Gaming Industry.



From: “I am born and raised in Sweden, but have Persian roots.”

Lives: “The breathtaking city where East meets West, Istanbul, Turkey”

Family: “Me and my two dogs Rodi and Sir Franz Ferdinand.”

Background: “I have a degree in Business and Economics from Stockholm University. I have a passion for languages and different cultures and have therefore studied a total of seven languages. I worked for almost a decade at H&M. Right now I am a co-founder and Community Manager, of a gaming company called Friendbase at the same time as I am working with Gardenize. I am also studying Turkish at Ankara University”.

Favorite plant: “My heart skips a beat when I see Calla Lilies, they are so elegant!”

Why did you apply for Gardenize? “I have sort of been following Gardenize´s journey from a distance ever since they started, and seen them develop into a successful platform and company. So, it was a given for me to join Gardenize and be a part of this journey to further success”.


We are excited to have Melika on our team!


With Gardenize Plus you can:

  • Download your data for free
  • Create copies of your own plants – new feature
  • Save as many plants / areas / events as you want
  • Save as many images per plant / area / event as you want
  • Draw on pictures Save as many inspirational posts as you want
  • Use Gardenize on your desktop computer 
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