Pros and cons of raised flower beds

For some unclear reason, over the years I have made a number of flower beds, all of which are raised with a wall in one way or another. I have learned that there are both pros and cons to this, so if you are thinking of making a raised flower bed, here are some things to think about before you start.

Raised flower bed


  1. A raised flower bed is easy to access when you are weeding.
  2. Raised flower beds are often naturally delimited from the surroundings, which means that grass or unwanted weeds don’t spread as easy.
  3. You bring short plants higher up, hence they will catch they eyes easier.
  4. A raised flower bed can be a great way to divide an elevation difference in the garden into several parts, a bit like floors or terraces.
  5. Raised flowerbeds gets warmer early in the season and is therefore suitable for plants that like it nice and warm.
  6. Rainwater will naturally drain, and the roots will not be left standing in water
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  1. The main disadvantage of raised flower beds is that they dry out easily. So, it is important to choose plants that can withstand drought, but also plan for good irrigation options.
  2. Depending on how high you place your flower bed, you need to adjust the plants. It is not appropriate to plant flowers that naturally grow very tall, it will not make a nice appearance.
  3. Keep in mind that if a raised flowerbed also becomes wide, it can be difficult to reach the far back, when you have to take care of the rear plants or clear weeds.
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