Grow your own cucumber

The most important plant in the greenhouse is the cucumber, at least if you ask the children. They can eat basically any amount of home-grown cucumber. It works best with a little bit of herbal seasoning or homemade vinaigrette based on olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and salt. The small cucumbers in “pocket-size” works perfectly as a snack or a small snack when you are hungry, and this is what you need to know when you grow your own cucumbers.

Passandra gurka

Growing tips – grow your own cucumber

Cucumbers germinate and grow fast, and they also want a warm and nice place so there’s no point in starting too early in the season if you live in a colder climate. From mid-spring to the beginning of summer, it is a good time to sow your seeds, either inside or outdoors.  Cucumbers can even be grown in pots on the balcony or the terras if you don’t have access to your own land.

How to grow your own cucumber:

  1. Fill small plastic pots with 3/4 seed-starting soil.
  2. Insert half a toilet roll into the soil and fill it with sowing soil.
  3. Place one seed in each roll, cover with soil, and water.
    Sowing seeds in toilet rolls shields delicate plants from water during watering. The underground portion of the roll decomposes in weeks, while the above-ground part remains throughout the plant’s life. Water outside the remaining cardboard ring when watering. Skipping the toilet roll is possible, but take care to avoid water pooling around the stem to prevent rot.
  4. Keep pots in a well-lit, warm spot, covered with perforated plastic wrap for moisture retention. Remove wrap after germination.
  5. Transplant seedlings to larger pots with added nutrition like chicken manure.
  6. Before the plants move out for good, they may need to get used to the new climate. Acclimate plants to new conditions by “hardening off” gradually.
  7. Plant cucumber seedlings outside when soil is at least 17°C/62°F.
  8. Important! Water consistently, fertilize weekly with liquid nutrients.
  9. Thin among side shoots, leaving 2-3 stems.
  10. Eventually, support the plant as cucumbers on the ground spoil quickly.


You can have your cucumbers in large pots (at least 10 liters/2.6 gallons) in your greenhouse, but they can also grow in a larger box to be able to spread better. If placed outside, remember that cucumbers are not a big fan of wind.

Foto: Jenny Rydebrink
Foto: Jenny Rydebrink
Gurkplantor i kruka

To Keep in mind when growing cucumbers!

  • Plan for the final planting site and set aside enough space – both for the roots and at the height.
  • So not too early for large plants is troublesome to deal with if they need to be moved.
  • If you do not want to do everything yourself, buy ready-made plants from the garden store, and start with step 6 above.

Cucumber Tip

When you grow your own cucumbers and get more cucumbers than you consume, you can always make your own pickled cucumbers, a delight to have on the table. You can find our recipe for pickled cucumbers here.

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Top list: cucumber varieties

I prefer small cucumbers that grow fast and that give cucumbers the right size. Here are some varieties I have grown.

1. Passandra

This greenhouse cucumber gives a rich harvest of cucumbers that grow to 15-20 cm (6-8 inch) long . Our favorite!

Foto: Jenny Rydebrink

2. Picolino

Small mini cucumbers, which grow well in pots. This variety works well as the season’s first cucumber plant and can be grown indoors if you have access to a place with good light (extra light may be needed).

Foto: Jenny Rydebrink

3. Pony H

A mini cucumber where the fruits grow between 10-15 cm / (4-6 inch). Can be grown in a pot in a greenhouse, balcony, or conservatory.

Odla egen gurka

4. Cordoba

This is a cucumber in “normal” size, and very reminiscent of those you see in the grocery store. They grow about 30 cm (12 inch) long and give a rich harvest of tasty cucumbers.

Foto: Jenny Rydebrink

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