Yellow tomatoes

Yellow tomatoes signals summer, warmth and happiness. A spark of yellow on the plate is like the icing on the cake, the sun on a rainy day and a spark of joy in the garden.

In the grocery stores the assortment of yellow tomatoes is often quite limited, so to grow my own yellow tomatoes has become a tradition.

Gula tomater

My top 4 yellow tomatoes and what I use them for

I grow all of my tomatoes in my green house, and it is the crop that gets most of my space and attention. I sow the seeds early in the year and place the seedlings in the green house in late spring (= May in south west Sweden). I plant my tomatoes in large beds, where the roots get a lot of space to spread out. Each year I put the plants way too close to each other, so I have to compensate by fertilizing regularly and pruning the stems in order to let light and air in.

In this post I have listed 4 of my favorite yellow tomatoes that I gladly recommend and I also share what I use them for.

1. ‘Yellow Submarine’

Yellow Submarine is pear-shaped tomato that has a beautiful, light yellow color and a classic tomato flavor. It is perfect to have in a beautiful bowl on the kitchen table and to pick from for breakfast, eat as a snack and of course, to put in salads. The fruits look like little Barbapapa and works as candy when you are craving something juicy and sour.


The Yellow Submarine is clearly a recurring favorite in our house. It gives plenty of harvest, as long as it gets enough space to spread its roots and also plenty of room at height. In our greenhouse the plant often grow to over 2 meters, so it is important to tie it up regularly.

Yellow submarine

2. ‘Sungold’

Sunglold is a sweetie in several respects. On the one hand it is very sweet in taste, but also the color and the handy, round shape give a cute impression.


We use Sungold both in salads and eat them as they are. I have also dried them in the oven by dividing in half, putting on a plate with garlic cloves, olive oil, salt and rosemary and running in the oven at 95C/195F degrees until they have dried. Since the tomatoes are so small, they are suitable for drying like this. If we don’t eat them directly, I put them in a glass jar and cover with a olive oil.


Sungold has a relatively sparse foliage, compared to many other tomatoes and it lets in air and light in. Therefore, I usually let my plants branch out and grow as they like. They like to have a lot of space and by continuously fertilize, new tomatoes will come. Since the tomatoes are small, they often mature relatively fast.

Gula tomater

3. ‘Citrina’

Citrina was a newcomer in my garden in 2019. It took quite a long time to mature but was clearly worth the wait. The fruits arbige large, juicy and “meaty” with a small pointed tip at the end – kind of like a lemon.

The fruits have developed in stages. First came a huge cluster of tomatoes, and while waiting for them to ripen, the plant stopped to grow and develop. After the first round of tomatoes was ready to pick, the plant started to grow and again, and new fruits started to show. It was very interesting to follow.

The Citrina tomatoes are a little hard right at the stem, so I usually remove that part. This variety of yellow tomatoes I use in hot pots, sliced ​​on hamburgers and off course in my favorite – Yellow tomato soup!

Foto: Jenny Rydebrink

4. ‘Brandywine’

Brandywine is the beef steak tomato that everyone talks about. It gets big and sometimes almost a little grotesque in shape. I’ve harvested fruits that weigh almost a kilo, so it’ll be a full dinner based on one tomato.

The larger the tomato variety, the fewer the tomatoes. I can see that clearly in my garden. So when a Sungold can give hundreds of small treats, I’m happy if a Brandywine brings me 1. The large tomato varieties also take much longer to grow and ripen, so growing several different types of tomatoes is really recommended.

Brandywine works perfectly in a summer salad, preferably a caprese with mozzarella and basil. But it is also very useful in hot dishes, like a spicy bruchetta with chili and garlic, served on a tasty sourdough bread.

Gula bifftomater

Grow your own yellow tomatoes

From left to right: Sungold, Yellow submarine, Citrina and Brandywine.

To cook and serve traditional tomato dishes, made from yellow tomatoes is a guaranteed to be a success, and I can highly recommend it. By growing your own, in different sizes, colors and flavors you can create new surprises all season!

Good luck with your tomato harvest!


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