Different ways to identify plants

A common question we get is if Gardenize can identify the plant you have added. The answer is simply No, it does not. Why have we not developed such a feature then? Well, it’s because there are others who are better at that. Instead, we want to give you some tips about different ways to identify plants.

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There are plenty of different apps that work in the “Identify plant” segment. Technically they are quite similar. Some use image recognition and others use the user networks, and some with both.

How satisfied you will be with the app’s abilities to identify plants is often depending on how accurate you want to know the answer. Is it enough to know that it is e.g. a Tomato or do you want to know the Latin name and the sort name? It can help to indicate your location because the selection of answers can then be more precise.

Most apps are developed and updated on a regular basis, so if you’re not happy with the answer at a certain time, maybe you’ll get a better match the next.

Most apps are in English, which is also worth knowing when downloading them.

Some plant identifier apps and how they work:


An app that maps your plant and an image processing program and finds similar plants and suggests which plant it is you have. The app also offers expert assistance provided that you create an account and enter your location. The answers you receive are in English. You can buy additional expert help if you wish.

Available for both iPhone and Android.


Here too, you take a picture of the plant you want to identify and then the image is compared with an image database. You can confirm whether the result appears correct or not. The answers you get are in Latin and the app is in English.

Available for both iPhone and Android.


To identify a plant you simply need to simply snap a photo of the plant, and the app will tell you what it is in a matter of seconds.


Available for both iPhone and Android.

This image shows more examples of apps that identify plants.
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Join a Facebook group

There are plenty of groups on Facebook that have been created to help each other to identify plants, both public and closed. It is wise to look for groups with many members and groups which focus on your area. If you don’t find one where you live, why don’t start a group yourself!

“Plant identification”

Public group, 153K members

Crowdsourced plant identification


“Plant identification and discussion”

Public group, 228K members

For those who want more discussion with their plant identification.


“Plant Identification UK”

Public group, 20K members

Here is a group to hopefully answer your questions, just add a photo and someone will hopefully be able to help.


Don’t forget to save your answers in Gardenize!

No matter HOW you get the answer, save the result in Gardenize. Otherwise, you might have to redo the research in the near future.

The best tip is to take pictures or save a screenshot of the plant. Then add a new plant to your plant library in Gardenize with the correct name and add the image.

If you already have documented a plant with an image, but don’t know the name, you can post the image directly to a Facebook group and ask what is. Then just change the name to the correct one and if you are lucky, add the sort.

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