The Gardenize team is growing and we recently added new superpowers that bring great knowledge, experience and creative mindsets to Gardnize. Please welcome: Josefin, Jessica and Gustav!

Josefin Wulff, Gardenize

Josefin Wulff‘s great passion in life is gardening and cultivation combined with digital media. After having worked as a technical project leader in IT and production at SVT and the drug company Octapharma for a decade, she was looking for new challenges. She decided to study Digital Business on Hyper Island while educating herself to become a gardener at Skillebyholm’s part-time education.

When Josefin started her education on Hyper Island, she set herself a goal for herself – working with digital products and gardening and gardening services. In spring 2017 Josefin contacted Gardenize and they immediately realized that their common interests where a perfect match. Josefins genuine interest in: gardening, user experience design, social media and digital solutions combined with a high degree of responsiveness to the needs of gardeners is a perfect match and complement in the Gardenize team.

You can  follow Josefin on Instagram, where she goes under her alias: @hypergardener.

Gardenize Team Jessica Lyon

Jessica Lyon is well known for large parts of the Swedish gardening community the Youtube channel “OdlingsTV” which she started and has been operating since 2014. She has also appears in Swedish public television and often acts as moderator at garden fairs and events.

Jessica’s passion in life has always been gardening and growing her own food, but she took a detour in her career via the automotive industry, where she worked with sponsorships, events and product launches.

Thanks to her many years of work in the gardening industry, Jessica has a huge network network in gardening industry and media, both in Sweden and abroad. She also works with PR / Media and strategic marketing communications in her own company, A Brand New Story AB.

You can follow Jessica and OdlingsTV on Instagram and YouTube.

Gardenize Team, Gustav Martner

Gustav Martner takes place in the Gardenize Board where his creative talent with the experience and experience of digital platforms is a stable addition to the board. Gustav becomes a challenging sparring partner who sets the right questions, has the right contacts and drives us all to think big, think globally and benefit everyone who will use Gardenize.

Gustav is driven by a major community commitment, writes repeatedly for various media and is the advisor of various decision makers regarding digital trends. Please read Gustav’s articles on the Aftonbladet or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.