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My name is Jenny and I am from Sweden. I live in a house, with a fairly big garden, where we have a green house, flowerbeds, shrubs and fruit trees. I like working in the garden and to make it look nice, but after a few years I realized that I had a good memory – but very short. I forgot where I planted my bulbs, I fogot what was the best time of the year to trim the fruit trees. And I mixed the varieties of tomatoes so I didn’t know which one I should have next year and which ones to skip.

So I started to look for a simple app that could help me with that. An app where I simply took a photo of what ever I needed to remember, and where I could categorize them in a smart way – not mixed with photos from Christmas and family vaccations.

And to make a long story short – there was no such app in store, so I gathered a team to fix it and built GARDENIZE.

Gardenize was launched in Sweden 2016 and was an imidiate success!

Garden app Gardenize

All your plants in one place

In Gardenize you build your own library of all the plants in YOUR garden, and you can have as many plants you want and as many photos per plant you want as well.

You can have all kinds of plants: shrubs, perennials and eadibles – based on your interests and needs. Here are some exampels of plants I have.

Gardenize Plants

This is a plant overview, and you scroll up and down.

I have basil ready for dinner, placed in the kitchen window.

Gardenize Cherries

We have a huge cherry tree, with plenty of fruits. But we need to be agile to pick them becuase if we wait too long the birds will eat them all. So I put in a reminder to pick them middle of July!

We don’t have many roses in the garden, but this one I couldn’t resist.

Organize you garden in Garden areas

Most gardens have different areas, and I have for instance a “Flowerbed”, a “Crop area” and a “raised bed”. I Can note what plants I have in each area. This is how i looks in my garden.

This is the area overview. As you see there is no must to add photos:-).

In my flowerbed I have noted that I have the rose Queen Elisabeth. I have more plants her, so I still have to Gardenize work to do, to add them.

In the crop area I have potatoes and Garlic. If I click on the photo of the potatoe, I can read all information I have added about that plant.

Note all garden activities in the Diary

As soon as I have added the plants and the areas, I can use the Diary. In the diary I note what and when I do things. I make up my own list of Activity types, that I can re-use, and combine an activity, one or more plants with one or more areas.

To add a new event is really simple but you can be as detailed and ambitous as you wish.

When you do some garden work, just snap a photo, add it to a new Gardenize event, select the Activity type and if you want you note also the plant/s and area/s. The only mandatory field here is the activity type.

Here, in the Diary, is also the place where you put your reminders.

Diary overview, scroll up and down.

Here I did some pruning of the rose.

If I prefer, I can see the events in a more compressed way.

You can never have too much garlic! And by noting the event, I remeber the date and can note the result so I know for next year.

Gardenize have a number of other features as well that you will notice, once you start to use the app.

So please feel free to download already today. You find it on both App Store and Google Play.

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I hope you will enjoy Gardenize – because it is ALL ABOUT YOUR GARDEN.

If you want to know more, you are more than welcom to visit our website:

/Jenny and the rest of the Gardenize team!

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