Now it is easier than ever to keep control of your garden.
The app GARDENIZE is here with many smart features for gardeners.


Behind the innovative solution is Jenny Rydebrink from Sweden, and the idea came out of her own “gardening frustration”

– When I was out in the garden doing different chores, I realized I should be much better in documenting my work. But I never seemed to get a pen and paper with me. So I thought it would be much better to use the mobile phone to document what I do. I always carry the phone with me anyway, she says.
But when she started to look for garden apps, she didn’t find anything that fulfilled her needs.
– I asked around in different Facebook groups and other forums, and I realized that many people had the same problem as I did. The apps I found where very specific to certain topics, or used a language I was not comfortable with. So I decided to get in touch with some developers and create my own Garden app, and in June 2016 GARDENIZE was launched. By now Gardenize is by far the most used garden app in Sweden, and we start to get good traction also in other markets like Norway, US and Germany. The app is available in 6 languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German and Italian. 
The photo feature is key in Gardenize
  • By taking many photos of your plants, and saving them in the app, you create your own garden library. You can also make notes to each photo and add all kinds of different data that you find relevant, as when you bought it, the variety, how to tend to it etc.
  • And by assigning names to your different garden areas, and adding the plants to each area you will remember what plants you have in each flowerbed and where you grew the different crops year by year.
  • In the diary function, you can snap a photo of your garden activities such as seeded, harvested or fertilized. A perfect way to make sure you don’t over fertilize, and you will also know how long it took for a certain plant to go from seed to ready to ripe!
  • Another very appreciated feature is the possibility to draw on the photos, and to attach notes to the colors used. This is especially useful in the seeding process, where you hide your seeds under dirt, and can no longer see what is there.
Continous development

In order to keep up the development in the best way we keep a close dialogue with the users, Jenny says.

-We have a Facebook group with over 1000 members, and we get a lot of great feedback about how to improve features, design etc. It is also easy to get in contact with us to get support, and this is very appreciated by the users who are not used to having a “live” person behind and app.

In spring of 2017 Gardenize participated in several different garden fairs to inform about the app and to meet users. Here are a few of them!





One of the latest features in the app is the Inspirational feed.  This is where gardening tips and inspiration is gathered in a nice feed with a mix of blogs to read, Youtube clips to watch and podcasts to listen to. All related to gardening!


For your garden, you way

The nice thing with Gardenize is that you choose yourself how to use the app. There are no “must do” or rules – Gardening should be fun!

Gardenize is available for both Android and iPhone, and it is FREE!



You can find out more about Gardenize at: